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Can’t help falling in love with you remake

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I know it’s not the exact song, that’s why I called it as a remake. The short sotry is that at first I wanted to do the song as it is, normally, with all elements but when I played the chords, I had to push one of the knobs with one hand for a second while playing and then I did a serious mistake regarding chords so the middle of the song is literaly an improvisation 😀

Apparently this thing that I may call crackle, occurs. You should consider what is widely called normalization, to reduce the overall volume to a level that no audio sample reaches 0dB, which is the maximum.

The problem is that I’m an absolute beginner at sound editing or working with DAWs, but I’m definitely going to pay attention to this, thank you for mentioning this problem. Yeah I also hear what happens and I know it’s irritating to say the least, so I’ll see what I can do.

Don’t know what software you use but as I said, it should be something like normalization. If you use Gold Wave then it is Menu>Effect>Volume (submenu)>Maximize Volume…>Full dynamic range.

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