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Improvisation for Karácsonyi álom. Or this happens if they show me a song :D

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Just a well intentioned advice, let your piano have a good tuning up. The tune itself is pretty though.

I hate playing on it because it’s false as hell, sadly… But since my parents don’t wanna tell it to someone who could tune it cause it costs damn lot of money, I’m pretty sure it will never be in tune again, which I’m really sad about.

O I see. We have a similar thing going on at boarding school. The piano there is very old and cheap, and we did tune it quite recently. Well, better than it was, but not as perfect as I expected. I have a gorgeous one at home though, which has been last tuned in november, and it still sounds very good. I’ll have to show you one piece I really like to play on it. The trouble is that I don’t have a good mike at the moment. I have some other pieces though I recorded with my headset, so I can send you them in a PM if you like.

Awww bother! I keep forgetting that I can’t attach files with this Elten beta at the moment. I’ll be off to france tomorrow until friday, and when I come back here to Marburg, Germany, I don’t have access to boarding school because the others go home on wednessday already, and the week after that, I’ll have a class trip to Würzburg, so it’s on 28.06 that I’ll be able to come on here again and see how this network’s going. Sorry.

Well, I’m not the mst talented, but I’m happy about that after 9 years of learning the piano, I’m still being able to play whatever I’d like.

Well our one is really out of tune, it was tuned like 12 years ago, sadly… But I’m glad you like it 🙂

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